DarCourts Ltd.

My business partner and I invented the Cyklone® two years ago and after deciding to bring it to the market our first issues surrounded IP, how much do we need? How much does it cost? What do we need?

We were very blessed that our first contact was Mayfin IP and after meeting Debra we didn’t need to look anywhere else.

Debra brought years of experience to the table and a wealth of knowledge that allowed us to build a timeline, both theoretical and practical, that would give us the best protection for the least amount of investment. Since then we have secured our GB patent, Registered Design and our PCT is in full swing.

However, most importantly Debra brought integrity. Our business aims have not been and are not profit driven, they are driven by a desire to produce a good product that lasts and to work with like-minded individuals who we can trust and believe in.

Debra is all those things and more. We are very pleased to recommend her services to anyone starting from scratch, or indeed anyone looking for a new representative for existing business.

Courtenay Merchant
Chief Executive Officer
DarCourts Ltd

E-mail: courtenay@darcourtsltd.com

Web: www.cyklone.co.uk

Mobile: +44 (0) 7825 875109