Who we are

debra-smallMy name is Debra Smith. I’m a qualified British and European Patent Attorney, with over 15 years experience working in industries ranging from defence to consumer packaging. From attack helicopters to aerosols, missiles to mascara brushes and software to syringes, I’ve helped to patent, license, defend and oppose a broad and eclectic range of technologies and innovations, everywhere from Britain and Europe through to Asia and the Middle East.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, University of London and worked for a number of years as a mechanical engineer, both within the research labs of one of Britain’s largest engineering firms and out in the field for an engineering consultancy in the water industry. Finally, I joined the Ministry of Defence where I gained my post graduate qualifications in Intellectual Property law. I believe my prior experience in engineering has given me a practical and down-to-earth approach that I have carried through to my subsequent career as a Patent Attorney.

I am experienced in filing all applications for patents and registered designs on-line, with UK, European and International Authorities, which means that I can provide official confirmation of filings in real time. Also, cases are entered into the electronic systems of official bodies with minimum delay, allowing access to your cases (both secure and public) at anytime so that I (and optionally you) can monitor the progress of every case.

Alongside working as a Patent Attorney I’ve also been a long term tutor helping candidates pass the European Qualifying Examinations, and was one of the initial lecturers who helped with the development of the online course for the EQE Pre-Examination that is now a mandatory part of the training of all new European Patent Attorneys.