Patents protect inventions that are new and not obvious compared to what has been done or published before.

Here’s a blog post about Patents from Gareth Jones – UK Intellectual Property Office:

A common misconception is that patents are secret – indeed claims to knowing some secret “patented” magic sauce have been de rigeur for con artists and snake oil merchants for generations. In reality, publication is a central feature of the patent system: Patents are legal rights granted by the government of a country to an inventor (or their employer) for a specified duration, in return for publication of the invention. Most patent documents are easily available to anyone via the Internet.

A patent prevents others from making, using, selling or importing a product or process according to the patented invention without the permission of the owner, for up to 20 years from the date of filing the Patent. Beyond that, a patent is a form of personal property (an asset),  which may be sold, licensed and even mortgaged.

We can help you protect your own inventions through the drafting and filing of patent applications, guiding you through all the necessary steps to get your patent granted. We can also advise where there may be similar technology owned by other parties, providing valuable insight into what others including your competitors are filing and protecting. Furthermore, we can help you understand your options for resolving disputes in the most cost-effective way possible, for example using arbitration services and where necessary negotiating licensing agreements, which put you and your company in the best possible position to take advantage of potential opportunities.

Finally, watch a VIDEO to see how patents can help your business:
My invention: building a business from a simple idea with a patent: