What we do

Mayfin IP can provide a broad range of services with respect to Intellectual Property, from introductory advice and in-house training through to complex drafting and filing programs. Examples of such services include:

  • Cost effective, professional drafting and prosecution services through to grant, for¬†registered Patent and Design applications in UK, Europe and via the PCT (worldwide), completed on-line to obtain maximum reduction in official fees, to provide clients with immediate acknowledgement of filing number and date and to provide links to the case in official registries and on-line files.
  • Drafting of confidentiality agreements (NDAs) and advice about the IP related aspects of other contracts, such as research and development agreements and licensing arrangements.
  • Provision of general awareness training about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for large businesses, SMEs and educational establishments (e.g. schools, colleges, universities). Raising¬†general awareness of Intellectual Property (IP) and how / where it can be used most effectively to enhance and improve your business performance.